Our scope of services: One-stop shopping

At the Perkins' Nursery Group, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From consultation to maintenance, we will gladly take care of your concerns.


You can choose between a full planning or an individual consultation, between the sensible integration of existing elements or a completely new design. Our work always meets the highest quality requirements, and also includes fresh ideas.


Consultations Tailored To Suit Your Individual Needs Which Can Result In Project Plans As Simple As An 8.5x11 Sketch Or A Full Blown Colored Scale Drawing:


Together with you (and if you desire, a licensed Landscape Architecht), we can help develop and design a master plan for your garden or your grounds.  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire.


Whether it is just a few plants or a complete installation, we are a NCLCLB Licensed Landscape Contractor with over 50 years of service, since our establishment in 1968, qualified and prepared to work for you. 

Drainage & Irrigation in place--Installing Plant Materials


Weekly, Monthly, or Seasonal maintenance of your landscape.

Areas of Expertise:


Formal or Informal





Irrigation--as required by the State of NC, we are Licensed Irrigation Contractors

Landscape Lighting--LED


Retaining Walls

Large Trees

Shrubs, Plants, Flowers





Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal


Plant Materials


Landscape Debris Removal

Irrigation and Lighting Systems

Power Washing of: Wood Structures (fencing, play equipment,

          retaining walls, landscape furniture), Non-Wood Hard Surfaces

          (patios, walkways, concrete, retaining walls) and application of

          preservatives as needed or requested.

Other services

Maintaining your Ornamental Plants:

Your trees and plants are in good hands with us.

We follow time tested Horticultural Practices, which include:  layered pruning, NOT pruning out of season but at the times needed by your plantings to encourage and optimize growth and good health.  We also discourage 'crew-cut shearing' as is usually performed by untrained, uneducated (as to the specific needs of the different plant materials) laborers.



We keep a supply of Split/Stacked/Cured/Covered Hardwoods.

Quantities custom tailored to your needs but we sell by the legally proscribed NCDA units of measurement:

Is a 1/2 cord enough or a face cord?

Only want enough for a few fires in your Chiminea? or your firepit?

Also, we can supply hickory for cooking and "lite" wood for firestarting.


Permit Applications:

We can help with permit procedures and serve in the role of customer liaison for construction work.


Specialty Subcontractors:

We have a list of quality specialty contractors who can provide you with services that we do not ourselves perform --- Tree Service Companies for large tree removal, Licensed Electricians, Licensed Plumbers, Masons, Building Contractors.



Fountains, ponds or streams:


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