Projects and references


Here you will find some projects depticting the different types of work we completed in the Wake County area.


We respect the privacy of our customers but with a specific request from a potential new customer and the approval of the project owner we will privide you with their name and the location of the project.


Truck Tree Spade Installation

Acer saccharum, Sugar Maple, 8-10" caliper, 25'.   December, 2015

Installation of a very large landscape with Large Trees and Upright Evergreens

Jan 12, 2007

Total Landscape Package including:  Grading, Drainage, Irrigation, Plant and Tree Installation, Fescue Sod Installation.  This Landscape has been our responsibility to maintain since work began in November, 2006.

Photos of large landscaping project

Hardscaping: Precast Block Walls

Hardscaping: Walkways and Driveways

Hardscaping: Dry Stacked Fieldstone Walls

Water Features

Trellis for Confederate Jasmine or Carolina Jasmine on blank brick wall

Refurbishment of old 9ft tall board fence

Maintenance --- Refurbishment of Existing Neglected Landscape

Before and After Pics 

Maintenance: What Your Residence Could/Should Look Like

Complete Landscape Maintenance: Irrigation, Lighting, Turf, Plants
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