Mixed Hardwood Firewood--cured and dry

Wood for Camping and Fire Pits, began curing winter of 2013/14.

Hardwood firewood for sale.


Mostly Oak some maple and fruitwoods in the mix.

We have hickory curing separately from the other hardwoods for those of you who use it for cooking.

You choose your quantity

(cord, half-cord, face-cord(1/3 cord), half-face-cord, or,

if you only have a chiminea/firepit or need it for camping, a smaller quantity.

Our quantities meet the State regulations for the sale of firewood

as set forth by NCDA. A 'truck load' is not a legal quantity.

Light/Lighter/Fat wood available---makes a great Christmas gift.


Mistle Toe is available in December.


Prices FOB our location:   For the Spring 2122 and Season/Winter of 2022/2023


Currently (12/1/22) we only have limited quantities for those who need camping/firepit wood (1/12 cord) but expect more wood cured by March, 2023


Full Cord three stacks---1-log (14-16"long) X 4' high X 8' long.........$ 400 .... sold out

Half Cord a stack---1-log (14-16"long) X 4' high X 12' long...............$ 225 .... sold out
Face Cord(1/3 cord) a stack---1-log(14-16"long)X4' highX8' long.....$ 165

Half Face Cord (1/6 cord) a stack---1 log X 2' high X 8' long..............$  95

Quarter Face Cord (1/12 cord) a stack---1 log X 2' high X 4' long......$  65

Eighth Face Cord ((1/24 cord) a stack---1 log X 1' high X 4' long.......$  45

smaller quantities available, we will try to meet your needs.


Delivery (when available) cost is determined by the mileage and driver time from our staging area to you. At this time we are unable to provide delivery.

Payment is at the time of pick up/delivery, cash or check. 


ALL of this wood was split, stacked, kept covered and began curing before March 31 of 2023.  We are currently selling the 1 cord part of the stack which began curing prior to September, 2022 for those of you who are going camping...this is the most cured we have available for this year.


The wood is more than 90% Red and White Oak, the balance is Red Maple, some Swamp Maple-Dogwood-Black Cherry-Pear-American Beech-Ironwood.  We do not sell pine-tulip poplar-birch-gum-sourwood.


We are separating Hickory for use by those who need it for smoking.  We have a limited supply.



There are those who are selling firewood who are including gum, black gum/tupelo as hardwood for wood heating.  True, they are hardwoods but they have some very undesirable characteristics as a wood-heating material.  They are also selling wood as "seasoned".  Again, seasoned has all sorts of definitions as does "a truck load" but cured and dry means a wood moisture content around 12% and kept out of the rain so no water is re-entering the log from rain and ground moisture.  There are other sellers in this area whose wood, which they call seasoned, is by definition the cured product you are seeking, as the tree was cut down, logs cut to firewood length, and pieces split about a year ago.  Beware of uncured wood!!! It will not give you the results you are seeking as it can be almost impossible to burn, requiring the heat from your fire to dry itself out before it will burn.  You would be surprised at the number of people who have called and purchased a face cord to help burn the "seasoned" wood they purchased this year which they can not get to burn/stay lit.  They are very unhappy about how they were 'taken'.


We keep cured firewood available all year long as we are a Landscaping Nursery and some of our regular landscape customers have outdoor fireplaces, fire-pits, and Chimineas for which we need to keep an on hand supply.   Others want to take some to the Beach or camping in the Mountains.


PINE...there is nothing wrong with having some or all pine for those of you that have outdoor firepits.  It is easy to start, bruns with a large and very bright flame and since it does not coal it burns out quickly after the last piece is added, negating the need to use a lot of water to put out the fire that night.  It is also readily available.  BUT it needs the same storage conditions as you should use for your indoor hardwood...cut-split-stored up off the ground and covered.  It will dry rot very quickly if not stored properly.

To you and yours...
Have a great Fall, Happy Holiday Season, a Very Merry Christmas, and a safe winter.
Drew and Bill


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THIS POSTING IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES and your EDIFICATION.  WE ONLY PUT UP 4-5 CORDS LAST WINTER FOR THIS SEASON.  IF YOU ARE NEEDING 1/3 cord...a face cord,  we can quickly help you out.  Just give us a call or text and we can set up a time to meet you at our site in

North  Raleigh.






There are four questions to ask a potential supplier:

1.  What tree varieties are you including in your firewood?
        Oaks, Hickory, Red Maple, 'Hardrock Maple', American Beech, Dogwood, fruitwoods,
        Ironwood(Hop Hornbeam) are the primary trees for this area.  The Hardwoods 
        Sweet Gum,Black Gum(Tupelo) and American Elm, and the softwoods: Pines, Sourwood,
        Tulip Poplar you do not want as they do not 'coal' very well, low in BTU production and
        the smoke can be of a very foul odor.  (Pine does give off a pleasant scented smoke
        and a bright cheery flame useful in firepits and campfires).
2.  When were the trees felled?
3.  When were the logs cut?
4.  When were the pieces split-stacked up off the ground-and covered or moved under a
        This should have been done prior to March 1, 2023.  It usually takes at least 7-8 Months
        for green wood to cure (the removal of intercellular water--moisture/the 'wet'
        AND cellular water--sap) to a total moisture content below 20%.

If the supplier can not tell you all of the above or if they tell you, like many that offer truck load quantities, that is is is buyer beware!!!  You get what you pay for!!!


Quality hardwood firewood in Wake County can be made up of Oak, Hickory, American Beech, Maple, Dogwood, Hop Hornbeam (ironwood) and fruitwoods. If it is air dried, it will have been cut-split-stacked/piled (not in contact with soil) and kept covered until the moisture content is 20% or less, about 10 months in this area.  Our goal is to have burnable wood that has a 12% moisture content.  Other hardwoods are sometimes included but they can have serious undesirable characteristics.
The sale of firewood is a regulated Agricultural Product.  The quantities sold must meet the State regulations for the sale of firewood as outlined by the NC Weights and Measures Division of the NCDA.   It must be a "cord" or fraction of a cord measure.  A 'truck load' is not a legal quantity.


cord:                     a stack: 4' x 4' x 8 feet
half-cord:              a stack: 4' x 4' x 4 feet, or 1-log(16") x 4' x 12 feet
third-(face)cord:  a stack: 1-log(16") x 4' x 8 feet
half-face cord or smaller can be arranged.  We try to meet your needs as best we can.

The higher the moisture content(GREEN or UNCURED WOOD), the more of the heat (BTUs) generated by your fire will be used to dry the wood before it can actually burn.  Wet or green wood must be dried out by the fire before it will burn, it can be almost impossible to start and smokes heavily, increasing cerosote build up in your flu..


***********************There are enough reputable suppliers around the Wake County area that you should be able to satisfy your requirements without getting ripped off.


Quality/properly cured wood can cost $400+ a cord.  If it sounds like too good of a deal to pass up...maybe there is a bad reason you should take note of.

The other option, of course, is to purchase kiln-dried wood.


Firewood is a heavy material.  An average cord of mixed cured-dry hardwood weighs 3350-3900 lbs...THAT IS 1.5-2 TONS!!!  (Green wood weighs more.) It is far more than a pickup truck can safely carry.  Even a half cord pushes the safe driving limit for most 1/2 ton trucks.  A face cord, 1/3 cord, is more safely managed.  If you see an average F-150/c1500 or equivalent with a load of wood and it is not seriously down on the back know it is not a half cord (or more) of wood.  The more dense White oak and Hickory will be at the upper limits of the range, even more depending on the actual density of the wood and the moisture content.

Also, a half cord of wood, neatly/uniformly stacked in  the 8' bed of a full size half ton pick up will be neatly stacked and over 3' tall...there are wheel wells INSIDE the bed and that makes stacking uniformly difficult, which is one of the reasons the 3' height dimension does not work in the usual quantity calculations.  Make certain that you are getting the quantity you ordered and paid for.  Again...a reputable dealer will want you to come back year after year and tell all your friends about them.  They want you to be happy with your purchase.


Another note to be aware of.  There are some, like us, NCLCLB Licensed Landscape Contractors, who have firewood sales as a small part of our total business operation.  Do you know that if you have an unresolved problem with one of us that holds a License, you only have to go to the licensing board and file a complaint.  You do not have to go to court to get a resolution to your problem.  Our license is valuable to us and the licensing board will take it away for what is termed unfair or bad/illegal business practices.  So when we tell you that we sell by the cord or fraction of a cord and that it began curing prior to a certain date...That better be the truth and we have to deliver what we promise.


If you can't get a fire going with wood from a reputable dealer, or it takes more than one match, you need to be busted back to Tenderfoot until you retake BSA fire building/starting 101.  (that's an Old Eagle joke...)
Lighter/Light/Fat wood is available from most dealers---makes a great Christmas gift too.
Mistletoe is available in December.

We are:
Perkins' Landscaping and Irrigation
A family owned and operated business
Designing-Installing-Maintaining Landscapes in Wake County since 1968
Legally providing all Landscape and Irrigation Contracting services
Please call or text 919-872-0001 if you have any questions.  That is the office phone/cell if no person answers,  please leave a text or you can email us at PerkinsNursery at AOL dot com.
Our web site is and we are also one of the area firms profiled on  There we have other landscape and irrigation related information which may be of interest or benefit to you.
To you and yours...
Have a great Fall, Happy Holiday Season, a Very Merry Christmas, and a safe winter.
Drew and Bill



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