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We will attempt to bring you the relevent information which will aid in your enjoyment and understanding about the different goings-on in your landscape throughout the seasons.

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We offer Core Aeration, weather permitting, as needed throughout the year.

Performing this service in the dry season is pointless as the coring tubes barely punch an inch into the soil when it is so dry and hard. Also, attention to improving the physical and chemical condition/composition of the soil is what should be the focus to improving plant growth.  "Dirt First" is a good slogan to go by.


Throwing seed on the ground in September and punching holes with an aeration machine is often called overseeding.  Preparing a planting area for your flower seeds is usually what is done to get a good crop to grow.  It is the same with turf seed, it needs a properly prepared seed bed.  A Slit-Seeding machine is the better machine to over-seed your turf.  A Core-Aeration machine does not have the word "seed" as part of its name for a good reason.


Latest Email Sent To Our Customers

Subject: Hurricane Landscape Damage
Sunday, September 10, 2018
Good Sunday evening

In Preparation for this hurricane which is forecast to make landfall in NC we would like to remind our long time customers and update the newer ones as to what you can expect from us, should the need arise.

We will do our regular weekly work on Wednesday.  I would skip the whole week but doing so might mean that the turfs grow entirely too long.  Thursday's work will be a wait and see if it is raining or not.

We will not do any planned seeding, fertilization, planting nor mulching this week.  The warm season sod projects also will be on hold until she and her aftermath have passed on by.

As to any damage from the storm:

We hope and are not looking forward to any work beyond just cleaning up sticks and leaves.  If your yard is just messy after she passes on by and you can wait until next week, we will take care of it then.  We would appreciate a note that you are ok and only need a little cleaning up.

Should you have any more serious damage: large tree limbs, whole trees, erosion, broken or uprooted ornamental plants/trees, etc.  please call us as soon as you know you need assistance.  We have a number of large tarps that we purchased for our homes (we are heavily wooded) and if we are fortunate not to need them we will share/assist if we are able.

We have already checked our stocks of batteries, bottled gas, bottled water, and gasoline/diesel so we are as prepared as one can be.

Good luck and may Mother N. be kind to us all.

Bill and Drew

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